[7 Best ] Mind Blowing WhatsApp Tips & Tricks in 2022

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Recently, many such unique and smart features have come in WhatsApp, which WhatsApp users must try once. In this article you will learn about new WhatsApp tips and tricks that will make you smart.
Some of these tips and tricks you may already know and some you may not know at all, so you will read this article carefully, although you get to see many advanced and unique features in WhatsApp mode but official you will get very few features. You get to use WhatsApp, but by using these tips and tricks, you can become a pro user of WhatsApp.


Built in Photoshop

We often send our photos to our friends through WhatsApp only, so if you want to blur any place in your photo then we have to use Photoshop but recently this feature has been added in WhatsApp also. Given that you can edit photos inside WhatsApp itself.
You have to use the pen tool just before sending the photo. Using the pen tool, you can apply emoji on your image itself, highlight any place, do handwriting on the image.

Built in whatsapp Photoshop 

Protect yourself

WhatsApp user is always in such trouble that if someone adds you to a group, then to avoid this problem, WhatsApp provides a feature like Protect Yourself, using which you can protect your number and this feature By enabling this, you will not be able to add any other user to any group without your consent. This
To turn on the feature, you have to go to Settings, then click on Account, then go to Privacy and select Group. And you have to click on My Contact, this will mean that only person you know will be able to add you to the group.

WhatsApp Tips & Tricks

Switch Voice Messages features

Many times we are in a crowded area or sitting in the metro, and during that time if someone sends you a voice message in WhatsApp and you play it, that voice message starts playing through your phone’s loudspeaker. Your privacy may be at risk, so if you want to turn off this feature, after clicking on a voice message, you have to put your phone in your ear, so that the loudspeaker is turned off and that sound is heard through the earpiece.

Voice Messages features

Whatsapp Storage Manager

Our phone’s storage is always full and you probably don’t know how much storage your WhatsApp is taking on your phone, so to know this you have to go to WhatsApp, go to Settings, then click on Storage. Here you will see complete data, which file is using your most storage, you can delete or disable it.

Whatsapp Storage Manager

Whatsapp File Search

If a WhatsApp user has a lot of difficulty in finding an important document or photo or any video file, then to solve this problem, WhatsApp has provided a feature like WhatsApp search, by clicking on which you can find any document, photo, voice, Huh. , so isn’t it a wonderful feature.

Whatsapp File Search

Auto download

Frequent WhatsApp users are very worried about one thing that if someone sends you a photo video in WhatsApp, it gets downloaded and appears in your gallery, so if you use this auto download feature If you want to stop using it, go to Settings, click on Storage & data and turn off photo download, this will ensure that no WhatsApp data or files will be downloaded automatically.

Auto download

Hide All Chat

If you want to hide WhatsApp chat completely then WhatsApp has made this task very easy and you have to go to Settings and click on Chats and click on Archive All Chats, which will hide your entire chat.

whatsapp Hide All Chat

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