WhatsApp Go Edition APK Download Aug 2022

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If you also use WhatsApp, then you will know that there are many good features inside WhatsApp, but some such features are not available inside WhatsApp, which we get to see in different types of WhatsApp Mod APK.

If you are also looking for whatsapp mod apk then you have come to the right place here i am sharing with you how to download whatsapp go edition apk and what are some good features you will get to see in whatsapp go edition apk.

In this article, I will share with you the review of WhatsApp Go Edition APK, I will also tell you how this mode APK of WhatsApp is. Are there advantages or disadvantages to using it? If you want to know in detail then keep reading this article of mine till the last.


What is WhatsApp Go?

WhatsApp Go is a mod version of WhatsApp where you get many unique features. Users  can fully control their account on WhatsApp. You can change the function of WhatsApp or say that you can customize WhatsApp in your own way and it provides all the facilities to the WhatsApp Go user.

The goal of this mod is to give maximum control of messaging to its user so that the user does not face any problem during WhatsApp messages, apart from this the user can access all the controls like view deleted messages, download large files and hide online status. Below I will tell you in detail about the feature of WhatsApp Go.

How to Download WhatsApp Go Apk ?

If you want to try and download WhatsApp Go Edition, then it is very easy. You can download WhatsApp Go APK by clicking on the download link given below.

WhatsApp Go is also like all other WhatsApp mode APK, in this you also get to see all the features which are not present in the official WhatsApp.


WhatsApp Go Freatures

WhatsApp Go provides its user with very attractive features like user can customize their WhatsApp screen, they can send messages according to their own preferences and many more are present in WhatsApp Go.

  • New Base Updated to Stable Base
  • Re-design Go Settings to be like Stock Whatsapp (60%)
  • Added backup and restore feature (like titanium backup)
  • Enable all hidden features
  • Added Ability to hide status downloader button.
  • Multi languages support [ Indonesian – Portuguese {Brazil} – Spanish {Cuba} – Persian – Hindi (India) – Spanish ].
  • Fixed Original Picture size
  • Fixed pinned chats
  • Fixed crash app on some devices (Samsung)
  • Bugs fixes and speed improvements.

Final Word

By the way, the official WhatsApp protects its user completely in terms of privacy and protects the user’s message through end-to-end encryption. But if we talk about whatsapp mod apk then it is not made by developer of official whatsapp through which you may not get 100% protection in terms of privacy so whenever you install whatsapp mod apk then you Login with your second WhatsApp number.

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