OG WhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version Dec 2022 [Official]

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OG Whatsapp Download: WhatsApp Messenger is the most popular social media platform by people all over the world, where millions of messages and posts are shared every single seconds.WhatsApp provides very good features to the user, but there are shortcomings in some features in WhatsApp, which is fulfilled by og whatsapp. OG WhatsApp Download by clicking on the download button below.

Download OGWhatsApp

App NameOGWhatsApp APK
Size50 MB
VersionLatest Version
DeveloperOGWhatsApp Mods
Last Updated1 day ago

OG whatsapp apk is a modified version of original whatsapp where you get to see some special feature which is absent in original whatsapp and this feature is very much liked by whatsapp user. OG whatsapp apk is available for free for whatsapp user.


What is OG WhatsApp ?

OG WhatsApp APK is a modified version of WhatsApp developed by a third party developer, adding some better features and some privacy features in which the user can hide his status, change his chat style and many more. All the unique features have been added to OG WhatsApp Pro, which we will discuss below.

Apart from this, the developer also added many such unique features in OG WhatsApp plus like you can message on any WhatsApp contact without saving the number, Schedule your message and many more great and unique features you can use in OG WhatsApp Apk. Which we will discuss below in detail.

Details of OG WhatsApp APK

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How OG WhatsApp Different From Whatsapp ?

OG Whatsapp Latest Version 2022 is also a modified version of WhatsApp that looks like all other WhatsApp modified Apk like FM WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, Pink WhatsApp, Aero WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business. As you all know that Original WhatsApp does not provide us some of the features that we get to see in OG WhatsApp 2022.

OG WhatsApp is already equipped with many best and amazing features, but with the passage of time, many such updates have come in OG WhatsApp updated and many such additional features have been added by the developer to make it unique and the best WhatsApp mod.

The chat privacy and security option we get to see in og whatsapp, it seems that developers will be more concerned about security and privacy and gave us a modified app of WhatsApp in which we get full control over privacy and security. Also Og Whatsapp Free Download available.

OG Whatsapp All Features 

As we have already told that og whatsapp is the modified version of original whatsapp which is loaded with many unique amazing features. let us see which features we will get to use in og whatsapp.

og whatsapp All Features

    • Send Message or Call without Contact Saved: In official WhatsApp, to message and call any person, it is necessary that his/her number should be saved in your phone, but in GB WhatsApp it is not compulsory to add contact first, you can also message and make a call without saved number.
    • Message Scheduler: This feature is very useful for every WhatsApp user. Many times we get busy with some of our important work and forget to message any of our relatives or loved ones at a certain time. So at that time features like Message Scheduler will be of great use to you. With the help of message scheduler, you can schedule your message time and message scheduler automatically delivers your message to your loved one or your friend, but for this your phone must have internet connection or your phone is connected to a WiFi network. So really this is an amazing feature which you get only in OG WhatsApp.
    • Dynamic Theme Store: get plenty of dynamic and stunning theme make your WhatsApp unique than ever. User can customize WhatsApp theme according to his mood.
    • Chat Privacy & Security: Apart from this, the user can hide his last seen, also see the deleted message and you can use many more these enhanced  privacy and security settings inside ogwhatsapp.
    • Spacial Chat Lock & DND Mode:- You can keep your chats completely secret and hide messaging bombs from the main screen without turning off the internet.
    • Chat Head Message: OG WhatsApp apk provides you with a Facebook chat-like experience and allows instant replying without interrupting your task.
    • Diy Theme: make the appearance of WhatsApp as you like share and enjoy the theme with rich customizations.
    • Auto Translation Message: Ability to auto translate WhatsApp chats.
    • Color Phone:- If you are bored with default phone caller theme of WhatsApp then inside OG WhatsApp you get to see colorful, cool and animated themes which will completely replace your default and boring call interface.
    • Locate Your Friends: Able to track your friend’s real time location.
    • Send Photo or Video in Full Resolution: When you share a photo or video in the original WhatsApp, its quality is seen in 80 percent but here you get the ability to send videos and photos in full resolution.
    • Increase Send Media Size Limit: You can send files up to 1.5 GB instead of 80 MB with 100% quality.
    • Upload 5min Status Video:- You can also upload a status video of up to 300 seconds which means 5 minutes instead of 30 seconds.
    • DMSL : Apart from this, you can also disable the media share limit.
    • Hide Media From Gallery: Many times we want some such photos and media to be hidden in our chat but it should not be deleted. So here we can hide our photos and media.
    • Increase Chat Forward Limit: You can forward any message to 300 chats or groups instead of 5 chats or groups, but if multiple people are forwarded repeatedly, your account might be banned.
    • Anti Banned : Many WhatsApp users say that when we install any modified version of WhatsApp, then our account gets banned in it. but this is not the case in og WhatsApp. Which was the reason for the ban, the developer completely fixed it. And og whatsapp is completely antiban but for that you have to download the latest version of og whatsapp apk for free.

So if you don’t know how to install OG WhatsApp then no problem I will guide you step by step how to install OG WhatsApp on your android phone.

Step 1 : 1st Open official whatsapp &  Create Full Chat backup.

Step 2 : Now Uninstall  official whatsapp .

Step 3 : Download OG WhatsApp Latest Apk & go to File Manager and Click to install Button.

Step 4 : You may have to enable the Unknown Sources option, so go to Settings and Enable Unknown Source Installation.

How to enable install from unknown sources

Step 5 : Once installation process is completely finished after that open OG Whatsapp app & click Agree And Continue button.

Step 6 : Now tap on Restore button & select chat backup .

Step 7 : Then login with  phone number and verify your number .

Step 8 : Thats it ! now you can use og whatsapp.

OGWhatsApp APK Upadated Version


Q1- what is OG WhatsApp?

Ans- OG WhatsApp is a modified form of original WhatsApp Which is loaded with amazing features.

Q2-  Is OG WhatsApp safe?

Ans-  No, FM WhatsApp APK is not completely safe. Because the developer can view your sent and received messages.

Q3- Is OG WhatsApp Free ?

Ans- Yes , it is free.

Q4- Is OG WhatsAppget banned ?

Ans- Whatsapp account may be banned from using OG WhatsApp.

Q5- What is OGWhatsApp’s alternative app ?

Ans– There are many alternative apps of OG WhatsApp like FMWhatsapp, Whatsapp Plus, GBwhatsapp, Business Whatsapp, Yo Whatsapp. This is the modified app of the original WhatsApp.

Q6- can I delete OG WhatsApp account ?

Ans- Yes, you can delete your WhatsApp account whenever you want.

Q7- Can I use two WhatsApp App & accounts in one mobile?

Ans- Of course, you can use two WhatsApp accounts in your phone at the same time.


Final Vardict:

All this means is (OGWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version ) that OG WhatsApp is a modified app of WhatsApp which is coming with a lot of cool and advanced features. So does this mean that we should use OG WhatsApp ?. then the direct answer is that if you want to use WhatsApp account with little advance and unique feature, then only you should install OG WhatsApp because ogWhatsApp apk is Developed by a third party developer.

mod whatsapp apk in which developer doesn’t tamper your account’s security and privacy, so you can say OG WhatsappAPK Download is secure WhatsApp mod. But according to me official whatsapp comes with very good and important feature, so you should use official whatsapp only. Everything depends on you If you are a little more concerned about your privacy and security then you should use official WhatsApp.


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