How to Get Full Chat Backup For WhatsApp Plus [Updated 2022]

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WhatsApp Plus is the most popular social media app in the world, where millions of messages are sent every second. And if the user wants to keep these messages secure forever, then the user should take a chat backup from time to time. In this article I will tell you how you will create chat backup in WhatsApp and how to restore it again in WhatsApp.

How to Create Chat Backup

Creating WhatsApp chat backup is a very simple process but there are some new WhatsApp users who do not know how to create WhatsApp chat backup, so no problem, I am guiding you step by step, how you can create chat backup in WhatsApp. You just have to follow these  Simple steps

How to Get Full Chat Backup For WhatsApp Plus

Step 1 –Open” whatsapp & “click to triple dot” on top right corner .

Step 2- After that tap on “Setting” option.

Step 3– Now click to “Chat” option.

Step 4- Scroll down and you will see the “Chat Backup”, click on it.

Step 5- Now you have to link your “Google Drive” account.

Step 6- after that “Click” on include video, photo or whatever media you want to add to “chat backup”.

Step 7- After doing this, you will see the “Back UP” button above, click on it.

Step 8- That’s it, your chat backup will be uploaded to “Google Drive”.

How to Restore Chat Backup

Once a chat backup is taken, you can restore it in WhatsApp anytime. To complete the restore process, you need to follow these simple steps.

Step 1- Open  WhatsApp app and login with your mobile number.

Step 2- You will get OTP, after filling the OTP, you will be successfully login to WhatsApp.

Step 3- After login, you will see the option of Restore Data.

Step 4– Now you have to click on Restore Data and select the Google Drive on which you upload the chat backup of WhatsApp. By doing this your chat backup will be successfully restored.

So in this way you can create complete chat backup in WhatsApp and can also restore it again in WhatsApp, if you are facing any problem in completing this process then you can contact us.

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