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GBWhatsApp Download APK Nov 2022 New Version:  If you are looking for GB WhatsApp latest version, then you have come to the right place to download GB WhatsApp Update for your phone . Whatsapp everyone uses for messaging to share photos, videos, audio files but we need some extra features. I would recommend that you definitely try GB WhatsApp on your phone. and enjoy the exciting features of GB WhatsApp.


GB WhatsApp Download 2022 New Version

GB WhatsApp Icon

App NameGB WhatsApp APK
Size53 MB
VersionLatest Version
DeveloperGB Mods
Last Updated1 day ago

Developer has doing a little modification in the official WhatsApp to add some more features like we can Hide Double Tick, Change the official theme of WhatsApp, Set your favorite theme and upload a 5 minute status video. We can use Multiple WhatsApp Account at a time in same phone and much more.

We get to see the all features in GB WhatsApp APK. We will talk about the feature further and yes the best thing is that  privacy .The even better thing is that we do not have to pay any money to GB WhatsApp APK Download and use GB WhatsApp, it is absolutely free.

Now the question is coming in your mind whether we can use GB WhatsApp app safely in our phones. How we get to see the privacy option and features in it. In this article, I will guide you step by step How can you download & install GB WhatsApp New Version in your phone and how will you use its features.

Before that, let’s talk about what GBWhatsApp is. If you are new here then you will have a better idea of this app. So now we start.

What is GB WhatsApp ?

Actually, Whatsapp GB is a modified version of the original whatsapp. This is a WhatsApp mod like WhatsApp Plus APK. The only difference between GB WhatsApp and the official WhatsApp is the additional features. It still has major features such as broadcasting messages and pop-up notifications, such as advanced message feature, auto replay, custom themes or other theme features, styles, icons, icons, voice, profile, location detection with more advanced features.

In simple word, this WhatsApp MOD APK comes with many useful features, which is a missing in the official WhatsApp. This WhatsApp mod comes with many characteristics features such as its last seen, blue ticks, their online positions, and so are capable of hiding.

We also get GB WhatsApp update from time to time  and many new features are also added with that update. The best thing is that if you want to GB WhatsApp Download in your phone then it is completely free and you can use WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp in your phone simultaneously.

If we talk about messaging then WhatsApp is the king of all messaging apps,  because its much more popular due to its features, The feature and privacy that we get in WhatsApp is not available in any other app . But there are many such feature missing in WhatsApp that ful-fills GB WhatsApp PRO. GB WhatsApp Latest Version comes with many advanced features . Which is a cool app for every WhatsApp user and many people like this a lot.

GB Whatsapp Features 

GB Whatsapp New Version comes with lots of Features And gives the user complete freedom to use its feature . you will find many unique features, Which we will describe below-

  1. Auto Reply:  Auto reply feature is very useful feature whenever your friend messages you, you will reply to your friend immediately with the help of auto reply feature.
  2. DND Mode :  With the help of Do Not Disturb mode you can disable the internet connection of whatsapp gb apk only .While airplane mode (DND) is on .
  3. Hide online status : You can hide your status.
  4. Freez Last Seen: You can freeze your last scene so that no one will know when you came online.also freez last seen for specific contact only.
  5. Hide Blue Ticks:- You can also hide the blue tick (dubble tick)  so that the sender does not know that you have read the message.
  6. Hide Second Ticks :  Ability to hide Hide Second Ticks
  7. Hide Blue Microphone : When someone send audio message and you hear it, the sender see a blue microphone, which means that you have seen the message. You can also hide this blue microphone.
  8. Hide Typing : When you type the message, the receiver sees a typing symbol. You can also hide it.
  9. Hide Recording :  You can also hide the recording of the microphone so that the receiver does not know that you are recording something.
  10. Who can call me:  You can also select who can call you, you get many options here-  Everyone, except My Contact, My Contact, You can also select any contact and in the last you can also select that no one will call you .
  11. Set Group Name Up To 25 Characters:  In the original WhatsApp, we get the option to set only the 25 characters group name, but in GB WhatsApp, you can also set the name up to 1000 characters.
  12. Status Download:  You can also download the whatsapp status, which is missing this feature in original WhatsApp.
  13. Send All Types of File:  we can send all kinds of files (Eg. .zip file, .APK, etc)
  14. Chat Pin : You get the option to pin more than 3 Chats.
  15. Send Maximum Video Size :  Ability to send videos up to 50MB instead of 16 MB.
  16. Send Maximum Audio Size :   Ability to send  100 MB audio clip instead of 16 MB.
  17. Send Maximum Picture :  In official WhatsApp, only 30 images can be sent   in a single time, but in gb whatsapp pro you can send 100 photos at a time.
  18. Lossless Image Quality:  In gb whatsapp you can send your image in high resolution, image quality is not downgraded.
  19. Theme Customization: In this modified version of WhatsApp, we get a lots of theme customization options in which we get to see a lot of Interesting themes and emojis that you can set according to your mood.
  20. Change Font Style & Color :  You can also change the font color and style, these features are available only in gb whatsapp.
  21. Read Deleted Messages:  You can also read the history of deleted messages from your contacts and groups.
  22. Broadcast Features :  You can send broadcasts to 600 people instead of 250 people.
  23. Hide View Status: The Status view can be hidden.
  24. Anti-Delete Status: In original WhatsApp, your status is automatically disappear in 24 hours, but here you can save your status from being deleted.
  25. Anti-Delete Messages:  Allowed to you other people cant delete message for you.
  26. Disable Forwarded :  Allows you to re-send message without Forwarded tag.
  27. Show Blue Ticks After Reply:  Blue tick can be hidden until you reply.
  28. WhatsApp Lock:  The ability to lock WhatsApp in which you can select PIN ,password and fingerprint lock.
  29. Hide Your Media:  Whatsapp media (image , video & files ) can be hidden in gallery.
  30. Dark Mode :  Ability to enable Dark Mode.

Now you know about all the features of GB WhatsApp, now its time to see how to install and gb whatsapp latest version download and how to use it.


GB WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version

If you want to use all advanced and cool features of WhatsApp then you should GB WhatsApp PRO APK Download. In GB WhatsApp Pro Apk Download 2022, you will get to use many great and advanced features. By GB WhatsApp new version download you will be able to use all restricted features of official WhatsApp unlimited times without restricting WhatsApp account. Click to  download button you will get GB WhatsApp link from where you can GB WhatsApp Download 53 MB APK file. Also you can GB Whatsapp Pro APK Download as well as GB WhatsApp Download Old Version .

As you all know, GB WhatsApp Pro APK is a modified version of the official WhatsApp itself, where all the restricted features are allowed to be used. There are 3 different developers of GB WhatsApp APK. For those using the HeyMods version, it is recommended to use AlexMods version. The HeyMods version has frequent in-app ads. To enjoy ad-free chatting experience download the AlexMods Pro Version.

   GBWhatsApp Plus (v16.20) by Alex Mods

   GBWhatsApp Pro (v9.11) by Fouad Mods

   GBWhatsApp v20.50.0 by HeyMods

GB WhatsApp APK Download Old Versions

GB WhatsApp v20.40.1   GB WhatsApp v20.30.0    GB WhatsApp v20.20.0 GB WhatsApp v20.10.1 GB WhatsApp v20.00.0 GB WhatsApp v20.60.1

Download Latest Version of GB WhatsApp and use their advanced new features, but if you wants to download GB WhatsApp old version then, we also provides GB WhatsApp download Old version download link on their phone. However, when you download the old version GB WhatsApp on your phone, some feature will be missing in it, but GB WhatsApp will work fully functional. In simple words, GBWhatsApp APK file modified by a third party developer, but it is one of the safe WhatsApp mod and perhaps people are puted in the category of Best WhatsApp Mod APK 2022.

How to Install GB WhatsApp APK on Android ?

How to Install GBWhatsApp APK on Android
If you do not know how to gb whatsapp download and how to install it, then no problem, You just have to follow the simple steps given below .

Step 1 : Click to Download button & download GB whatsapp APK file.

Step 2 : Open phone setting then go to Security option and Enable Unknown sources, which will allow you to install apps from sources other than the Play Store.

How to enable install from unknown sources

Step 3 : Now Uninstall the official whatsapp app from your phone.

How to Install GBWhatsApp

Step 4 :  Then click to gb whatsapp apk file and Install it.

Step 5 : Once you install the app, click to open and login using your phone number.

 how to login whatsapp

Step 6 :  When you enter your phone number after that you will get the OTP, which is very important to use it.

Step  7 : Wow ! you can now use GB Whatsapp and use its Amazing  features.

GB WhatsApp for iPhone (ios)

GB WhatsApp for iPhone (ios)
GB WhatsApp for iPhone (ios)

If you are an iPhone user then you can also use GB WhatsApp APK in your iOS device, it is absolutely free, by following the simple steps given below. you can install and use GB WhatsApp in iPhone also.

Step 1 : Click on GB WhatsApp ios apk Download button.

Step 2 : After that Open the apk file and install it.

Step 3 : After few second your GB WhatsApp will be installed.

Step 4 : When GB Whatsapp is installed, open it.

Step 5 : Now login with your WhatsApp account number & enjoy its features.

GB Whatsapp Download for PC

GBWhatsApp For Pc
If you want to use GB WhatsApp in your PC computer, then you also get these facilities ( gb whatsapp web ) in GB WhatsApp APK like WhatsApp. You will also be able to use GB WhatsApp on your PC. Follow the simple steps given below to gb whatsapp download for pc.

gb whatsapp for pc

Step 1 : Open gb whatsapp app &  click to tripple dot (on right side of top corner).

Step 2 :  Then tap on Whatsapp web options.

Step 3 : Go to your pc and open browser & search web

Step 4 : Now scan QR code and use gb whatsapp for pc.

GB WhatsApp APK Download Old Versions

Here you can also download the gb whatsapp apk download latest version and GB WhatsApp Old version.

GB Whatsapp v7.10 GB Whatsapp v7.20
GB Whatsapp v8.00 GB Whatsapp v8.10
GB Whatsapp v8.20 GB Whatsapp 8.25
GB Whatsapp v8.30 GB Whatsapp v8.40
GB Whatsapp v8.45 GB Whatsapp v8.60
GB Whatsapp v8.75 GB Whatsapp v9.00
GB Whatsapp v10.00 GB Whatsapp v11.00
GB Whatsapp v12.00 GB Whatsapp v13.00
GB Whatsapp v14.00 GB Whatsapp v15.00

What is GB WhatsApp Alternative ?

As you already know that GB WhatsApp is a modified version of the official WhatsApp, in which we get to see many such advanced features, obviously it is not just GB whatsapp app, but there are many more modified versions of whatsapp on the internet Will be found like – FM WhatsApp,WhatsApp Plus,OGWhatsApp etc. You should also try all this modified version of WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp Update

Although many more WhatsApp mods APK will be found on the Internet, but the features and facilities that the user gets in GB WhatsApp, may be not found in the  any other WhatsApp mods. The developer also releases GB Whatsapp Update from time to time, in which many such advanced features are also added and whatever bugs and problems occur in the gb whatsapp old version are fixed.

In this blog we are also shared GB WhatsApp Update link. you can also download and install GB WhatsApp latest version from secure websites like and update it.

How to Transfer Chats From WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp?

If you want to protect your chat from getting deleted or corrupted, it is very important to backup WhatsApp time to time, if you hard reset your phone or lost your phone . During that time when you will login to WhatsApp again. Then you will be able to restore your whatsapp backup, I will guide you how to create chat backup in GB whatsapp app or How to Transfer Chats From WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp?

Step 1Open GBWhatsApp & click on navigation menu on top of right corner.

How to take chat backup of WhatsApp


Step 2 : Go to Setting then click to Chats option.

How to create chat backup of WhatsApp


Step 3 : After that you will see the Chat Backup option & Click on BACKUP button .


Step 4 : When your Chat backup is 100 percent complete, after that you can copy it to your Google Drive or your SD card.

How to make chat backup of WhatsApp


Step 5 : Now when you , log into your WhatsApp again, you will get an option there, by clicking Chat Backup, you will be able to restore your backup as well.

Important information:-

When you use a mod version of original WhatsApp, you may have to be very careful otherwise your WhatsApp account can be banned forever so do not use all the features at a time.


Q. what is GB WhatsApp?

A. GB WhatsApp app is a modified form of original WhatsApp Which is loaded with amazing features.

Q. How to Update GB WhatsApp?
A. In this blog we are also shared GB WhatsApp Update link. you can also download and install GB WhatsApp latest version from secure websites like and update it.

Q. Is GB WhatsApp safe ?

A. The biggest question is gb whatsapp safe or not then direct answer is no ! GB WhatsApp APK is not completely safe. Because the developer can view your sent and received messages.

Q.  GB WhatsApp Free ?

A. Yes , it is free gb whatsapp free download .

Q. Is GB WhatsApp get banned ?

A. Whatsapp account may be banned from using GBwhatsapp.

Q. What is GB WhatsApp alternative app ?

A. There are many alternative apps of GB WhatsApp like FMWhatsappWhatsapp PlusBusiness Whatsapp, Yo Whatsapp. This is the modified app of the original WhatsApp.

Q. Can I delete GB WhatsApp account ?

A.  Yes, you can delete your WhatsApp account whenever you want.

Q. Can I use two WhatsApp App & accounts in one mobile?

A. Of course, you can use two WhatsApp accounts in your phone at the same time.

Q. GB Whatsapp Banned Solution .

A. dont  forward a message upto 5 people at a time  ,then you might be BANNED if too many people forwarded. so don’t use this features .

Final Verdict

By the way, you will find many mod of official WhatsApp on the internet but among them GB WhatsApp is the best modified WhatsApp app that comes with the best features. Original WhatsApp comes with all the good features but if you want a little extra feature then you must try GB WhatsApp.

We have got 100 percent privacy in the original WhatsApp but there is no guarantee that you will get 100 percent chat privacy or Security,  because the developer may read your chat. I have only given you information here. It depends on you which app you should use.

According to me, if you want to keep your privacy and want to secure your chat data, then you should use the official WhatsApp itself, but you get a lot of customization options in the modified app of WhatsApp, if you like the customization feature.

want some new features that are not available in the original WhatsApp, then GBWhatsApp APK may be a better option for you & your friends.

Thanks for visiting! And share it with your friends! 

GBWhatsApp Download (Update) November 2022 New Version


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