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Fmwhatsapp APK Download: Today everyone uses social media like whatsapp, facebook, youtube, but if we talk about messaging then whatsapp is the only social media app that is used by most people in the world. Although there are many social media apps present in the market and some people are using it, but the privacy that we get in whatsapp is not available in any other social media app.

There are many new updates coming in whatsapp, whose features are liked by some people but some people do not like, we can send a message to only 5 groups or 5 people at once. We do not find many other features in whatsapp, which we find in the fm whatsapp. In this article we will review fm whatsapp apk , which is a modified app of the original WhatsApp. This article will highlight the features, pros and cons. So you should pay attention.


Details of FM WhatsApp APK

FM WhatsApp Download Latest Version

App Name FMWhatsApp  APK
Size 50.06 MB
Version Latest Version
Package com.waplus
Downloads 100,000+
Rating 4.5
Developer FM Mods
Last Updated 1 day ago

How FMWhatsApp APK is Different From WhatsApp ?

 fm whatsapp download kaise kare
fm whatsapp apk download

As you all know, fm whatsapp apk is  a modified version of the original WhatsApp, in which we get a lot of customization options that we do not find in the original WhatsApp. Like you can change the theme of your WhatsApp, customize your privacy according to your needs, set automatic reply, send messages to multiple groups at a time. So you get all these features in the fm mods whatsapp , you do not get to see all these features in the original WhatsApp, so you should use the whatsapp mod apk .

What is FM WhatsApp ?

Fm whatsapp apk is a modified version of official WhatsApp, the features we get in it are not available in WhatsApp, but WhatsApp is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. But you will not find the fm whatsapp  on the Google Play Store, you will have to download it from the third party website.

FoudMakkad is the developer of fm whatsapp apk. he has added many such advanced features to this app which usually cannot be given in the official WhatsApp. So people want to download fm whatsapp latest version and use it in their phones. But you should be careful while downloading, you should download the fm whatsapp apk download from a secure site

Fm whatsapp Old Version Download

  • Fm whatsapp v8.95
  • Fm whatsapp latest version 8.35
  • Fm whatsapp v8.25 download
  • Fm whatsapp latest version 7.90 apk download
  • Fm whatsapp latest version 7.60 apk download

Key Features of FM WhatsApp:

In the  fm whatsapp new version , you will find many unique features, Which we will describe below.

Fm whatsapp features
Fm whatsapp features

Dynamic Theme Store: – You could not change the theme of the original whatsapp, but in fm whatsapp apk you get the option to change the theme. Here you get the theme store, and you can add any theme for free. you don’t need to download fm whatsapp dark mode download separately.

Diy Theme – Here you get a lot of customization options, you can change the chat background color, change the app icon, change the graphic of the app, change the text style.

Caller Phone – You can also customize the caller screen. There are many more features you can see in fm whatsapp latest version.

Self Destructive Message – you can send private and destructive message while your friend read it in WhatsApp.

Send Message-You do not have to save the contact to send the message, you can send the message without saving the contact.

Chats Pin – In the official whatsapp, you get the option to pin only three chats, but here you get the option to pin 100 chats.

Send High Resolution Image- When you send an image in the official whatsapp, its quality was reduced, but here you can send the photo in 100% quality.

Media MB Limit – In official whatsapp you can only send media files up to 17MB, but in fm whatsapp apk you can send media files up to 85MB.

Status – You can apply a status of 5 minutes, which is only 26 seconds in the official whatsapp.

Unlimited Forward Limit – You can forward a message to 300 people at a time  ,but you might be BANNED if too many people forwarded. so don’t use this features .

Upcoming  Fm whatsapp Features

  • After sometimes, you will soon get the option to share files up to 1.5gb, currently you can only share up to 250 mb.
  • You will also get the option to do a custom auto reply, currently this option is available in the only  WhatsApp business.
  • At the moment, there is no option to disable the video call, it will also be available in an upcoming update soon.

Privacy & Security

  • In this app you get many privacy options like – last seen, allows to hide features like blue tick and double tick.
  • You can also use the app lock, for which you can add password and fingerprint and with this you can fully protect whatsapp.
  • your conversation with end to end encryption this means your message ,call and status update stay between you and the people you choose. Not even WhatsApp can read or listening to them.


Pros of Fm whatsapp apk

  • This app has many features that you will like very much.
  • It has a Self-Destructive-Message features, which when the recipient sees your sent messages, the message gets deleted on its own (sometime).
  • You get the option of different types of theme customization, specially in the theme store, you will find thousands of themes that you can apply for free.
  • You can apply whatsapp status up to 300 seconds.


Cons of Fm whatsapp apk

  • The biggest disadvantage of this app is privacy. And the developer can see your sent and received messages. This flaw can compromise your security, and developers can spy on you.
  • The other disadvantage Is speed. All functions work slower than the original app. Because when you are online , your phone is connected to the server of fm whatsapp and then to the official WhatsApp server.


How to Install FM WhatsApp APK ?

For fm whatsapp apk download & installation You need to follow these simple  steps.

How to enable install from unknown sources

Step 1 – Click on “Download button” & download Fm Whatsapp APK  .

Step 2 – Then go to phone “Settings” and click “Security settings”.

Step 3 – You need to enable the option of “install from unknown sources” .

Step 4 – After that, click on Fm Whatsapp apk  and “click” to “Install” .

Step 5 – When the installation complete, open your fm whatsapp and use it .

fm whatsapp apk download
fm whatsapp apk download

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Q. Is fm whatsapp safe?

A. No, FM WhatsApp APK is not completely safe. Because the developer can view your sent and received messages.

Q. Is FM WhatsApp Free ?

A. Yes , it is free.

Q. Is FM WhatsApp get banned ?

A. Whatsapp account may be banned from using fm whatsapp.

Q. What is FM WhatsApp’s alternative app ?

A. There are many alternative apps of FM WhatsApp like GB Whatsapp, Whatsapp Plus, Business Whatsapp, Yo Whatsapp. This is the modified app of the original WhatsApp.

Q. can I delete FM WhatsApp account ?

A. Yes, you can delete your WhatsApp account whenever you want.

Q. Can i use two whatsapp in same phone ?

A. yes, you can use two whatsapp app in same phone with diffrent number.

Q. Fm whatsapp not installing .

A. you need to download fm whatsapp latest version 2022

Final verdict

Original WhatsApp provides us with end to end encryption , which means that our chat and privacy is completely secure, but when you download a third party modified WhatsApp APK there is no guarantee that your chat privacy It will be secure. Maybe the developer can see your chat because the developer works as a middleman.

I have only given you information here. It depends on you which app you should use. According to me, if you want to keep your privacy and want to secure your chat data, then you should use the original WhatsApp itself, but you get a lot of customization options in the modified app of WhatsApp, if you like the customization feature. want some new features that are not available in the original WhatsApp, then FM WhatsApp APK may be a better option for you.

Download FM WhatsApp Updated Version

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