How to Customize the Theme of Windows Laptop/PC 2022

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Hi ! If you want to completely customize the theme of your boring Windows 10 laptop, PC computer, then today we have brought you Theme Customization Tutorial for Windows where you will learn how to give a new look to your old boring laptop or computer.

Like Android phones, Windows PC computers can also be fully customized. Especially when it comes to theme customization, you will not believe that your boring laptop will look like a new age hi end computer.

If your computer’s wallpaper and theme look attractive and attractive, then you will enjoy working with your laptop even more.

Well, customizing the team of Windows laptop computers is not a big deal. You will need to download some application files and install them on your laptop computer to customize the theme.

If you really want to customize the theme of your laptop computer then must read this article carefully till the last and if you don’t understand then you can take help of youtube video which is available in hindi version.


How to Customize Laptop Appearance & Theme?

Friends, with theme customization, you can change the UI of your entire laptop and believe me you will not believe how much better your laptop is going to be after doing theme customization.

Customize Your Windows 10 Laptop or PC

First of all download your favorite wallpaper. You can download wallpapers for free from websites like WallpaperCave,, wallpaperaccess. After that you have to download Windows Application Launcher, for this you can download RocketDock.

Now you have to download Realistic Weather Forecast widgets you can download Rainmeter. then you have to download EVO numix dock theme which is compatible with Rocket launcher and nexux Dock . After this you can also download another mond widgets (optional).

Download some Files :

Download All File in a Click  –     Download Now Download All File Zip (115.29MB)

Customizing the theme of Windows Laptop or PC is a bit lengthy process. You have to some patience and follow all the steps carefully . Although the process of doing theme customization on Windows 10 or Windows 11 is very easy, but many small things have to be changed in this process, so this whole process becomes a bit lengthy.

By the way, by following the guide given below, you can customize the entire theme of your Windows laptop/PC, you have to download some software file whose link is given below. All files are available for download for free.

Step 1 – First change the wallpaper as you like

Step 2 – Then install Rocketdock.exe File

Step 3- Now you also have to install Rainmeter.exe on your computer

Step 4 – Now you have to extract Evo Numix Theme Dock which is in Zip file.

Step 5 –  After that open Evo Numix file and copy that file numix – circle -ico and numix – circle – ico – all and past in Rocket Dock icon folder -( go to – Local Disk (C) >> Program Files (x86)>> RocketDock  >> Icon.

Step 6 – Then you have to move the task bar to automatic hide and top. For this click  right to Taskbar and open Taskbar setting the tap on Hide Automatically and select to Top.

Step 7 – Now Run RocketDock Application

Step 8 –  Drag and Drop any software you want to use to Rocket Dock

Step 9 – Rocket Dock has many types of functionality, you can change the icon of the application, put a separator between two applications, quality, opacity, size, hover effect, zoom etc. For this you have to right click on the dock and you can choose different ways. can apply the function of

Step 10 – Then open Rain meter and you ca see many window skin but you need to click right and Unload Skin

Step 11 – Now click to install Mond Skin and Unload unwanted skin and drag widgets to anywhere

Step 12 – After that you need to fix location of Time widgets for that – Click right on widgets >> Setting >> Uncheck Draggable option (uncheck one by one)

Step 15 –  Now you have to hide all the applications that appear on your desktop screen. For this Drag Recycle Bin to right side of screen >> Select all apps >> Move to recycle bin.

Step 16 – Then hide Recycle bin app for this open Personalize >> Theme >> Desktop icon setting >> Uncheck Recycle bin.

That’s it, now the theme of your laptop computer will look very attractive. I know laptop/computer theme customization guide is very long but we have tried our best to share with you step by step guide. You can also check out YouTube videos.

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What is Effect of theme customization on laptop?

Some of you may want to know whether doing theme customization will have any effect on the speed or performance of our Windows laptop. Although this theme customization runs some software in the background as soon as your laptop startup, due to which it may be , that if your computer or laptop is already slow or its performance is running a bit slow, then you can avoid such theme customization .

The software and apps are not big. All the software you download to do theme customization is only a few MB.

This theme customization will not cause any special stress or slow down the performance on your laptop computer. The download links of all the files are given below. You can also download zip file in bulk.

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