How To Create a Fake Call Log,Fake Message On Android /iPhone Free

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Create Fake Call Log: Hi friends, if you want to surprise friends and family members by creating Fake Call Log and Fake Message, then you have come to the right post. In this post I will tell you how to create Fake Call Log and Fake Phone Call.Basically, you can receive fake messages on your phone whenever you want and you can even receive fake phone call on your phone. This process is very easy to do. you can create fake phone call and massage like this :

✔ Fake Massage – Anushka has called me in this mall, today i am going to dinner with Priya, her call will come anytime.

Note:- You can also schedule the time when this Fake Massage or Fake Phone Call should be delivered to your phone. Sometime we get stuck in such a situation like boring party, boring date to get rid of some friends. We want to get out of that place by any means and all you need is an excuse that your phone is getting an urgent call and you can tell your friends that I have an urgent call, I have to go now . Fake Calls & Fake Messages APK helps you out of such situations by generating fake calls on your phone.

To create Fake Call Log, Fake Message, we are going to use a application named Fake Call and Sms, you can download this  app by clicking on the download link given below.This app is available on both Android and iOS platforms and the best part is that it’s absolutely free for you. You will be able to create unlimited fake call log and fake phone call.


How To Create Fake Call Log ?

It is very simple to create a fake call log and fake phone call on your phone, you just have to follow the steps mentioned below and you will be able to download fake message very easily and change the android phone log. (create fake call log online)

Step 1 : Download “Fake Call and Sms” apk by click to  “Download” button given bellow. Step 2 : After downloading the apk file, make sure to enable “Unknown sources Install” in Settings->Privacy. Step 3 : Then click to apk file and install it . Step 4 : Open fake call and sms app you will see two option frist “Call” and second “Massage” now tap the Call section. Download-Fake-Call-and-Sms-apk

Step 5 : You can see many options here like “Caller,Call timer,Genitive,Ringtone,Add Voice ,Theme” etc. Step 6 : But we are using only 1st two option “Caller & Call Timer” . Step 7 : first of all “click caller” ,and customize caller detail like caller name ,phone number ,country,date & time,and last duration . Step 8 : when you customize all these thing “click” on “save” button . Step 9 :Now click “call timer” & set the scheduled time when you want receive fake phone call and start the rigging. Like following the screenshot . Step 10 :Just now open your phone default dialer app & check this new fake call history . you can also download fake message , For this you have to follow this method.

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Fake Call Log APK Download

If you want to download fake messages on your phone or want to receive fake messages, then this feature is also available in this app. You can receive fake messages on your phone whenever you want,for this you have to follow the following steps.The best thing about this app ,it can create incoming calls as well as outgoing calls history as well as its create fake message.

Here a Step by step  process to Create Fake text message.

Step 1 : “Open” Fake Call and SMS app & click “SMS section” , in there , you can see sender name , phone number , repeat and message ,you need to fill the all details . Step 2 : You can also “set” or scheduled time whenever you want to receive fake massages. Step 3 : That’s it now  “click” on the mail button. Step 4 : you will “receive a fake SMS” notification ,from The phone number you fill there you can also download fake massage.

Features of Fake Call Log Apk?

The application simulates a fake caller to free you from the awkwardness, such as a drunken drink, a light conversation. The application simulates a time-based fake message sender that you customize, not only for the inbox, but also the inbox, draft box, and error mailbox, which helps you simulate messages for resolution. escape in awkward cases. The application is simulated so it does not charge any fees, it’s free. ✔  The application name will be changed to “Call Assistant” to avoid detection. Simulation – fake calls (Incoming calls, outgoing calls, missed calls): Simulate screen call for multiple phone lines: SamSung, Vivo,Oppo,Realme,Oneplus,Xiaomi, and will be updated continuously according to user requirements. Customize fake caller information: name, phone number, picture, ringtone,voice. Choose fake caller information from your contacts. Choose available personality / fake caller characters: GirlFriend, BoyFriend, Piza. ✔  Record audio or select an audio clip available to fake fake callers listen to the phone. Schedule a fake call at a specific time. Customize vibration mode, ringing and talk time for fake calls.- Simulation – fake messages (Inbox, go, drafts, errors, …) Customize information for fake messages: Name, phone number, message content Choose fake message information from your contacts. Select the mailbox folder to be tampered with: Inbox, sent, error, draft, go, … Customize the time for fake messages.

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FAQ :-

Q1- Is this app free ? A:  completely not free , but supported some google ads Q2-Does this app  really generate a fake call logs? A: No these app are not actually  generating any calls or sms , these kinds of things should use only for prank purposes. Q3 – Can I customize the fake call screen ? A: yes my friends, we can fully customized the call screen in this app


In this article we are discuss about How To Create a Fake Call Log,Fake Message On Android Phone Free, but guys You will only use it to pranks with your friends. Don’t use this app for any illegal activities .Friends, if you have any other questions, then you must tell us in the comment below, I will help you to find the answers to your questions.Thanks ,

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