Top 5 Screen Recording Apps For Android Gaming 2022

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5 Best Screen Recording Apps for Pubg Mobile Gamplay: – If you play Pubg mobile game and want to earn money from youtube by recording the gamplay, then in this post of today, you may get Best Screen Recording Apps for Pubg Mobile Gamplay.I am going to tell you about which you can record the screen in high quality and along with it the internel sound of the game will also be recorded. Also, all these Screen Recording Apps are completely free and available on Google Playstore.Best Screen Recorder for Pubg Mobile with Internal Audio.


1: Android Screen Recording

The phone of Realme and Redmi or Xiaomi comes with the option of Inbuild Screen Recording, in which you can record the screen and along with that the internel sound of the game is also recorded, the quality of the recording video will be full.
Android Screen Recording
Features: – Video Quality: – 1080p Full HD Bit Rate: – 16 mbp Audio: – Internel audio / Microphone audio So here you get all the options so that you can record the gamplay and upload it on youtube with the help of Inbuild Screen Recording in Full HD. Download Screen Recorder: – DOWNLOAD

2: DU Screen Recorder

However DU Screen Recorder is also a very good Screen Recorder, especially in the Samsung brand, it works well and your phone will not lag. Video Quality: – 1080p Full HD Bit Rate: – 14 mbps Audio: – Internel audio / Microphone audio But it does not record internel audio in the game or abhi yah application will not be found on google playstore. Download Du Screen Recorder: – DOWNLOAD Also read: – How to Record Internel Audio for Pubg Mobile What is Google Task Mate App? And how to get Google Task Mate App Referral Code

3: AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is very popular recorder, you can also try it, you can also record the screen in full hd. Video Quality: – 1080p Full HD Bit Rate: – 14 mbps Audio: – Internel audio / Microphone audio Download AZ Screen Recorder: – DOWNLOAD internel won’t record audio

4: Mobizen Screen Recorder

In the above three apps you can record full HD screen but you get a bit rate maximum of 14 Mbps but in Mobizen Screen Recorder you get a bit rate of 24Mbps which means the quality of the recorded video will be much better because of the higher bit rate Video quality is good Download Mobizen Screen Recorder: – DOWNLOAD You get a lot of apps on the playstore, but the 5 Best Screen Recording Apps for Pubg Mobile Gamplay that I have mentioned are the most used worldwide. Most people have a lag problem when they record the screen with a game play, so here it depends everything on the smartphone’s processor.If the processor of the phone is good such as Snapdragon is above 710 then the phone will not lag or will reduce very much

5: Screen Recorder by Kimcy929

This is the best screen recorder apps ever, because the feature that is available in it is not found in any app, and the best thing is that it is completely free. Screen Recorder by Kimcy929 Features This screen recorder has many features like high resulation me video record kar sakte hain, resulation me bhi aapko kai saare option milta hain jaise aap video resulation ko kam ya jyada kar sakte hain Android Screen Recording Screen Recorder by Kimcy929 Features isme aapko internal audio bhi record karne ka option milta hai, jisse aap game ka internel sudio bhi record kar sakte hain. Video Quality: – 1080p Full HD, 720p, 480p more Bit Rate: – 40 mbps max Freme Rate: -120 fps max Audio: – Internel audio / Microphone audio

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How To Record Pubg Mobile Gamplay Video

With the help of the application I told you above, you can record the game play video of Pubg Mobile and edit it and upload it to YouTube.But if you have smartphones in Real and Redmi, then recently a new update came from Real and from Redmi in which we got to see a new feature where we can also record system sound with internal audio. You know that Realme and Redmi’s smartphones have an inbuilt screen recorder, where we also get the option to record system sound, but if you do not have Real Me and Redmi’s smartphones such as Samsung, Vivo’s So in this you can use all these applications to record the screen but all the third party applications come. If we do not get the option to record system sound in it, then this thing has to be kept in mind because it is an Android policy. According to the Android policy, the system sound cannot be recorded in Android phones. But realme and redmi phones got a new update and got the option to record system sound.

How to Record High Quality Video?

If you want to record the video in high quality, then all the applications I told you, it has the feature where you can set the screen resolution. Where you can record video at 360 pixels, you can record video at 480 pixels, you can record video at 720 pixels, and even full HD can record video at 1080 pixels. But at the same time if you want to record high quality videos and want to take maximum views by uploading videos on YouTube, you want to take maximum subscriber. So you have to keep the bit rate of your videos higher, you get the option to select the bitrate in these applications. You have to keep the bitrate of your video. That is to keep the minimum of 15 Mbps and the quality of your video in this beat rate will be very good and you can get more views by uploading these types of game play to YouTube and gain maximum number of subscribers. can do.

How to edit Gamplay Video?

When you record your pub play mobile’s game play in all these ways, then it is the turn to edit that video because the game play is very big and your viewer should not get bored watching that game play. So you have to edit that video In video editing, you can apply text, you can make some good effect, you can voice over that game play, so to do this thing, you have to edit that gameplay video and you can do this thing from your mobile phone only. And much easie For that you will need a video editing app. If you do not have video editing apps, then I have already written an article where I tell you which editing apps are completely free and on Google Play Store. Is available With which you can edit the video of high quality, you can edit the video professionally, if you do not know, then you can also learn about the five video editing apps by clicking on the article below and in your mobile phone Can also use for free
Read more: – Best 5 Video Editing Apps for Android

How to Video Upload on YouTube?

When your game play is recorded, you will edit that game play in a good way, now it is the turn to upload that video to YouTube, then it is very easy to upload YouTube app will be available on your phone, if not, then you can also download it from Google Play Store. I know that YouTube is already available on your phone and you have created your channel there too. If you do not know how to make a channel on YouTube, then by reading the articles below, you can learn about how the channel is made on YouTube.
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Now we will talk about how to upload the video, for this you will open the YouTube app from simple and in the top right side you will find the upload button, click on it as simple. After that select your video file, just like you will select your video file, you have to keep the title of your video there, after that you have to enter the description of your video, now click on the upload button from here and upload your video to YouTube can do. You saw how much these simple steps, I told you how you will record your gameplay video and how you can edit that gameplay video. Also, I told you how you can upload that gameplay video to YouTube, now further articles I will tell you how you will put the title, tag, description on your YouTube videos and the thumbnail on that video. How do you apply it If you liked this article (5 Best Screen Recording Apps for Smartphone Gaming) and you have got some information from it, then surely share the article, you can also join our YouTube channel in the companion on your Facebook and WhatsApp, whose link you can If there is any question in the partner, then in the comment section below, we will definitely tell you, I read every comment and reply to yo I have already written a post How to Fix Lag Problem in Pubg Mobile, so you must read this post, I have explained it to you very well, If you still have any questions or suggestions, then do tell us in the comment below and follow us on our YouTube channel, whose link has been given to you below. Thanks: Best Screen Recording Apps For Smartphone Gaming.
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